NesCT is a programming language translator that uses NesC programming language as an input and produces C++ classes for OMNeT++. The primary aim is to provide a new simulation environment and speed up development. Check OMNeT++ website for features.

If you have never heard of NesCT, check out the wiki pages and come back to this site. Wiki pages answer most of the starter questions. Still, if your questions are not answered, use the forum or subscribe to the OMNeT++ maillist for support.


04-07-2011 NescT is compatible with OMNeT++ 4.2
Corrections in nesct binary and tictoc directory have been made to make nesct compatible with OMNeT++ 4.2.



This project has been supported by Featherlight project at University of Twente, the Netherlands and European Embedded WiseNt project at Yeditepe University.