Example Application: DSDV

  1. Node Configuration
  2. Code Generation
  3. Updating Makefile
  4. Build
  5. Run

The DSDV routing layer provides the implementation of the
Destination-Sequenced Distance Vector protocol to multi-hop packets
back to a sink node. The current implementation provides
many-to-one routing for one destination at a time. It includes
a hop-count metric, a reliability metric, an energy metric, and an HSN
(Sphere of Influence or SoI) metric, and it can be extended to support
additional metrics.
To support the reliability metric, this package provides a generic
mechanism for tracking the unidirectional and/or bidirectional link
quality between neighboring nodes.


  1. Node Configuration

#include "gen/cTraceRouteTest_TinyOSModule.h"
#include "gen/cTraceRouteTest_Main.h"

   cTraceRouteTest_Main *m = new cTraceRouteTest_Main(this,main,"Main",getIndex());


  1. Code Generation

NesCT is going to build all the classes in gen directory. Replace "cp" with "copy" and slash (/) with backslash (\) for windows operating system at the following instructions.

[root@sinan tictoc]# cd components/
[root@sinan components]# cp TraceRouteTest.nc ../Application.nc
[root@sinan components]# cd ..
[root@sinan tictoc]# ./nesct.exe Application.nc

  1. Updating Makefile

    Type makemake.bat/makemake.sh to create new Makefile for Win32/Linux.
  1. Build

Type "make" to build the binary.

[root@sinan tictoc]# make
g++ -c -g -fpermissive -fPIC -DWITH_NETBUILDER -w -DTOSNODES=1000 -DLINUX -DPLATFORM_OMNETPP -I./include -I/root/projects/tinyos-1.x/tos/interfaces -I./include_tos -I/opt/omnetpp-3.2/include simstart.cc
g++ tictoc1_n.o debug.o simstart.o tinyos.o tinyosmain.o tossim.o txc1.o -g -L/opt/omnetpp-3.2/lib -lenvir -lcmdenv -lsim_std -lnedxml -lxml2 -ldl -lstdc++ -lpthread -o tictoc

  1. Run

Let's enable all debug options for demonstration purposes. Use "export" keyword for linux and "set" keyword for windows to change environment variable. You should see an output similar to this in TK window.


[root@sinan tictoc]# export DBG=all
[root@sinan tictoc]# ./tictoc



This project has been supported by Featherlight project at University of Twente, the Netherlands and European Embedded WiseNt project at Yeditepe University.